Mr. Caution AKA Artist SinGh is one of the most distinguished contemporary artists known for his unusual painting style. A man of great talent and imagination. He travels to numerous countries to promote the positive message of filling heart with peace, love and acceptance. 

The purpose of this online art gallery is to give art lovers all over the world a chance to enjoy Mr. Caution paintings.

Our mission is to create an easy and convenient way for our customers to buy  art directly from the artist. By taking the galleries out of loop it is a win-win for the customer and the artist.

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Mr. Caution LatroArt Drawings.

Art Instructions!

Mr. Caution believes in empowering fellow artist and budding students. We offer unsurpassed instruction for painting in oils and acrylics. With over a dozen respected, experienced instructors, we offer individual and group lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced Artist of all ages. Call to schedule today. 2699780808

Mr. Caution is a very prolific artist who strongly believes in community good. He has donated hundreds of original art works for the good of the community; from his merchandise collection he donates all profit derived from greeting cards sales to support charitable causes. He often collaborates with artists around the world to support innovative art ideas, to solve important social problems and to provide arts advocacy to expand opportunities for artists to catalyze the importance of arts in our society.